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StudioCork is Leading the Latest Fashion Trend in Eco-friendly Cork Bags and Accessories

All that it takes to find a natural alternative to leather is to open a bottle of wine. The alternative is cork, and proving that it can be the new leather is StudioCork, the online seller of premium quality bags and wallets made from Portuguese cork.

Cork bags and cork wallets can be as stunning, weather resistant and long lasting as leather products, with the added bonus of not hurting the environment. Cork is waterproof, stain and scratch resistant and can be sourced without causing damage to trees and the environment.

StudioCork sources cork skin from premium manufacturers, and is the authorized reseller of Artipel cork. Its online store offers a wide range of cork bags that include backpacks, clutch bags, bucket bags and hand bags; and accessories such as cork wallets, bracelets, ear rings and cork necklaces. All products carry exquisite designs and come with a refund scheme.

Products made from cork are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with water and soap. The sourcing of cork does not involve cutting trees, and bark removal from the cork oak is an eco-friendly process. Cork accessories and products made in Portugal not only make for a cool addition to one’s personal list of accessories, but also a great gift product.

“We offer premium branded cork bags, wallets and accessories made in Portugal that are sold worldwide. We believe that cork is the new leather and definitely an eco-friendly approach to the fashion world as an alternative to animal leather,” said Sara Soares, Co-Founder of Studio Cork.

Based in Portugal, the largest cork producer and exporter worldwide, the StudioCork online store carries cork products that are designed to add a new style quotient to anyone’s lifestyle. Apart from bags and wallets, StudioCork also offers cork pockets, cork billfolds and cork cardholders.